Zon Gun Quartz Clock Timer


Zon Gun Quartz Clock Timer


The Zon Quartz Clock Timer allows you to set the cannon, so it fires when it is needed and stops when birds are not active. Reducing noise when birds are inactive reduces habituation to the ‘same sound syndrome’ increasing the effectiveness of the cannon.


The solution to a successful bird dispersal program is TIMING, ORGANIZATION, PERSISTENCE and DIVERSITY. Timing is critical as birds are more apt to leave a briefly occupied site rather than an established roost. Appoint a ‘bird control monitor’ to implement a hazing / harassment campaign using a diverse product mix.

Effecting a dramatic change to the roosting area will often persuade birds to disperse – eliminate food source, shelter, and water. Remove nesting materials, thin/trim trees.

A wide array of bird exclusion / scare products is available. However, no single product stands alone; avoid overuse of similar deterrents as birds quickly habituate. A combination of deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary. All products/planning is site/species specific.  *Reply with details / photos for advice.