Optical Gel Bird Repellent


BirdFire dishes can be installed at all levels of ‘bird pressure’ areas where exclusionary / mechanical deterrent systems is impracticable; typically ledges, balconies, eaves / soffits, I Beams, signs, roof parapets and wood power poles.
All visual / audio bird scare type products are more effective when used in combination with each other as they increase the birds fear and flight response to the perceived predator threat.
Reply with brief description of roosting conditions, target species / photos for installation advice.

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BirdFire Optical Bird Gel Repellent affects all pest bird species by triggering multiple sensory responses using ‘green’ contents. The gel emits a UV light that appears as a flame to approaching birds. This fire-like cue immediately alerts birds to danger. Simultaneously, the citronella and peppermint oil ingredients are emitting scents that adversely affect the bird’s olfactory system. These scents mask the pheromones that pest birds use to identify their roost.
BirdFire is harmless to the environment, non-toxic, and complies with EPA GRAS 25b List / FIFRA Status
BirdFire is a low-profile product only 8mm high and easy to install for practically any substrate using adhesive, magnets glue, or zip-ties.

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Optical Gel Options:

OptiCA 200-pack, OptiCA Magnetic 200-pack, OptiCA ProPak 50-pack – CANADA ONLY, Optical Gel 200-pack, Optical Gel 24-pack, Optical Gel Mag 24-pack, Optical Gel ProPak 200-pack, Optical Gel ProPak 24-pack, Optical Gel ProPak 48-pack, Optical Gel STIQ, Optical Gel STIQ 50-pack, Optical Gel Zip 25-pack

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