Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V

A Bird Deterrent System That Deters Birds From Airport Runways & Helipads

Using Species Specific Alarm / Distress calls / Cries Of Predators


Phoenix Airport
Wailer Mk V

A Bird Deterrent System That Deters Birds From Airport Runways & Helipads
Using Species Specific Alarm / Distress calls / Cries Of Predators

Humane & Effective Bird Control

Birds respond to species specific alarm / distress / predator / mechanical sounds. The Phoenix Bird Wailer can be programmed accordingly to humanely deter birds from airports, agricultural areas, tailings ponds, and industrial sites. The Phoenix Bird Wailer should be considered as the core system for any bird dispersal program.

Unique Bird Control System

The Phoenix Airport Bird Wailer Mk V is a state-of-the-art bird deterrent system that permanently modifies roosting behavior of pest birds at runways and helipads. One system protects 2,500’ of runway in addition to a large contiguous area.

The 12V or 110V Phoenix Agritech Mk V Airport Bird Wailer differs from competing systems. It is not a ‘scare’ system relying on loud noises. Instead, creates a "No Fly" zone of rotational, surround sounds at normal dB’s lessening habituation to the ‘same sound / same speaker syndrome. The Wailer operates automatically 24/7 or other programming options.

The Airport Bird Wailer uses high fidelity, natural indigenous species-specific alarm / distress calls, and cries of predators. A wide array of mechanical sounds, shotgun blasts etc. are incorporated in the audio program. The sounds can be clearly heard 1,000’ from each speaker, including the upward pointing speakers. The aimable upward speakers are very effective against soaring birds such as kites and vultures. Electronic sounds (124dBs) are also available and can be heard up to 3,000’.

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Phoenix Airport Wailer Presentation

Phoenix Airport Wailer Presentation

AP Wailer At The Halifax International Airport

AP Wailer At The Airport Beirut Lebanon Installation

A System Based On An Exclusive Approach

Most bird aversion systems are designed to startle or 'scare' birds away from target areas. Often the eventually return and the problem continues. The Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V Bird Deterrent system works differently. This system causes the birds to move away from problem areas slowly - even gradually, actually changing their behavior all together. The result will be a more permanent bird control solution.

The all-new Mk V system carries the randomized program in the onboard memory system. However, using an email link the program can be added to or changed as new sounds become available.

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Mobile Bird Control For Airports

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Airport Wailer Installations

Hibernia Oil Platform Helipad, Newfoundlans - 1 system, 2013
Grands Prarie Airport, Alberta - 3 systems, 2011
Regina Airport, Saskatchewan - 5 systems, 2007
Quebec City Airport, Quebec - 2 ststems, 2010
CFB Valcartier, Quebec Helipad - 1 system, 2013
Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia - 11 systems, 1993 - 2012
St. John's Airport, Newfoundland - 8 systems, 1998 - 20212
San Francisco Airport - 5 systems, 1996
Barbados Airport, Barbados
Grand Cayman Airport, Grand Cayman
Tanagra Military Airport - 1 system, 2006
Sofia Airport
Military Airports (testing) - 2010
Bali International Airport - 8 systems
Baku Airport, Azerbaijan
Astana Airport, Kazakhstan

Changi Airport - 2 systems, 2004
Brunei Airport - 1 system, 2006
Hong Kong Airport - 3 systems, 2010
Baku Airport - 6 systems, 2009; 8 systems, 2013
Astana Airport
U.N. Mission, Juba Airport - 1 system, 2010
UN Mission, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Helipad - 1 system, 2011