BirdShock Flex Track™ is nearly invisible at only 1/4 inch in height. The track is available in a variety of colors to blend with the structure. Different connectors are available for “T”, straight and corner connections, making this system adaptable to any building construction detail.
BirdShock is easily customized to exclude problem birds while accommodating demanding architectural specifications. For more information, pricing and design options please reply with brief description of roosting conditions, target species and measurements. Photos helpful. Professional installers also available.


BirdShock Flex Track™ is a low-profile bird control system that deters starlings, pigeons, sparrows, seagulls, and other pest birds. An extremely flexible bird control product, BirdShock conforms to any building or architectural configuration.

BirdShock Flex Track™ bird deterrent system uses a harmless, pulsating, intermittent electrical shock like a static electricity shock. This low-profile UV stabilized PVC system consists of a solar or A.C. powered charger unit and stainless-steel components.

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Bird Shock

Beige Bird Shock 50-foot Track, Black Bird Shock 50-foot Track, Brick Red Bird Shock 50-foot Track, Gray Bird Shock 50-foot Track, Sign Red Bird Shock 50-foot Track

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