Bird Netting


How It Works: A 2mm stainless-steel or galvanized cable is installed at the perimeter with corner / intermediate attachments applicable to the substrate. The bird netting is then stretched tight and attached to the cable support system with net rings, forming a tensioned barrier to humanely exclude the targeted pest bird species.
Bird netting can be configured to exclude pest birds from most infestations while accommodating demanding architectural / construction specifications. For more information, pricing and design options please reply with brief description of roosting conditions, target species and measurements. Photos helpful. Professional installers are also available.


Exclusion is the solution!

Bird netting is the strongest and most versatile exclusionary system available. Bird netting can be configured to deter all species from any architectural, aquacultural / agricultural infestation.

Material: Embedded Ultra-violet high density polyethylene twine. Flame-Resistant netting also available.

Colors: Black or Stone.

Construction: 3 x 2 ply. Three groups of two strands are twisted and knotted into a tight, rope-like group of six to form a 12/6 heavy-duty impenetrable barrier. A 12/4 standard version is also available for low pressure interior projects.

Breaking Strength: 48 pounds per strand.

Sizes: Standard sizes; multiples of 25’ and custom cut nets are available in 3/4″, 1-1/8″, 2″, 4″ mesh openings to deter sparrows, starlings, pigeons, and larger birds.

Additional information

Stealth Netting

Black Standard 3/4" 25'x25', Black Standard 3/4" 25'x50', Black Standard 3/4" 25'x75', Black Standard 3/4" 50'x50', Black Standard 3/4" 50'x75', Black Standard 3/4" 50'x100', Black Standard 3/4" 100'x100', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 25'x25', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 25'x50', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 25'x75', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 50'x50', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 50'x75', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 50'x100', Black Heavy Duty 3/4" 100'x100', Black Flameproof 3/4" 25'x25', Black Flameproof 3/4" 50'x50', Black Flameproof 3/4" 50'x100', Black Standard 1-1/8" 25'x25', Black Standard 1-1/8" 25'x50', Black Standard 1-1/8" 25'x75', Black Standard 1-1/8" 50'x50', Black Standard 1-1/8" 50'x75', Black Standard 1-1/8" 50'x100', Black Standard 1-1/8" 100'x100', Black Standard 2" 25'x25', Black Standard 2" 25'x50', Black Standard 2" 25'x75', Black Standard 2" 50'x50', Black Standard 2" 50'x75', Black Standard 2" 50'x100', Black Standard 2" 100'x100', Black Standard 3/8" 25'x25', Black Standard 3/8" 25'x50', Black Standard 3/8" 50'x50', Stone Standard 2" 25'x75', Stone Standard 2" 50'x50', Stone Standard 2" 50'x75', Stone Standard 2" 50'x100', Stone Standard 2" 100'x100', Stone Standard 3/4" 25'x25', Stone Standard 3/4" 25'x50', Stone Standard 3/4" 25'x75', Stone Standard 3/4" 50'x50', Stone Standard 3/4" 50'x75', Stone Standard 3/4" 50'x100', Stone Standard 3/4" 100'x100', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 25'x25', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 25'x50', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 25'x75', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 50'x50', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 50'x75', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 50'x100', Stone Heavy Duty 3/4" 100'x100', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 25'x25', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 25'x50', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 25'x75', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 50'x50', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 50'x75', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 50'x100', Stone Standard 1-1/8" 100'x100', Stone Standard 2" 25'x25', Stone Standard 2" 25'x50'